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What in blazes is this book?

It's a comedy cricket book, in which you’ll find excerpts from a number of remarkable cricket books, none of which you’ve ever read before because they never actually existed. There’s I, Pad, Shane Watson’s infamous manifesto arguing that the LBW Law should be abolished. There’s Out of My Ed, in which you’ll discover the truth about the real Ed Cowan. There’s a Banner-Man comic book, a Mitch Marsh play, and much more. They’re all part of The Instant Cricket Library.

The book runs the full gamut of parodies:

  • cricketer biographies (including Brendon McCullum, Kevin Pietersen, Ellyse Perry, Andy Bichel, Dean Jones et al)
  • cricket writers and commentators (including Gideon Haigh, Neville Cardus, C L R James, Mark Nicholas, Jarrod Kimber, et al)
  • cricket as interpreted through other genres (travel guides, fantasy, children’s books, true crime, self-help books, mysteries, sci-fi, literary fiction, horror, etc)
  • cricket as interpreted through other formats (comic books, mathematics textbooks, encyclopaedias, bibles (not Wisden, the other one), plays, etc)
  • and other stuff that’s way too difficult to categorise

It’s also got some magnificent illustrations in there that make the book sing (not literally).

It’s an entire cricket library in one book! You need never buy another cricket book again. Talk about value for money.

Praise for the book on Twitter and elsewhere

"I was in the Avenue of Apprehension when I picked up Dan Liebke's book, but it hooned away down the Boulevard of Brilliance" - Damien 'The Bowlologist' Fleming

"If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and get a copy of Dan Liebke’s hilarious new book. I laughed so hard I woke @shaun_hardy up on numerous occasions. Highlights include excerpts from Shane Warne, Shane Watson, Enid Blyton and George RR Bailey. Can’t recommend enough!" - @meganmaurice

"I’m 8 pages into the Instant Cricket Library and already nearly crying with laughter. Brilliant by Dan Liebke" - @beksthebloody

"... the Shane Warne story had me laughing out loud in public." - @russellm1979